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Unfortunately, our world is not perfect and sometimes disasters neighbour joys. UNIHELP was established to help children fight problems. And quiet often financial issues determine solving their problems. For this reason our organization is constantly seeking for empathic people.

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We encourage you to become a part of the project for helping children through donations — money transfers. This way you will help kids to grow up in normal conditions, cope with difficult situations and give them a chance to believe in the better.

Donations are fair share of help from differentpeople. We offer several modes to donate your money. Please, choose the most convenient variant for you and be sure that even a small amount will be important for those in need of help.

We’ll be happy if you make a decision to make a donation for children after you learn about the activities of UNIHELP. We do our best to make detailed reports about amounts collected and expenditures made.

We’ll be grateful for any help, not only donations. You can contact us and offer your variant of cooperation.