In the section “FAQ” you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, you can ask this question by e-mail: info@unihelp.by  or phone: +375 (17) 268-48-04, +375 (17) 392-31-98.

95% of your donation goes directly to seriously ill children or social institutions for children in Belarus (5% is the commission of payment systems). In the world practice or in Russia the legislation provides and allows for spending up to 20% of the raised funds on administrative expenses.

When you make a charitable donation to UNIHELP PA, you give “targeted” help to the child who is the first in the queue for surgery/treatment.

If you want to help a particular child, please, contact UNIHELP by phone: +375 (17) 268-48-04 or +375 (17) 392-31-98

In order to help and make a charitable donation for seriously ill children, do it in one of the available ways of donation transfer.

Only a legal representative of the child — one of his/her parents, guardian, or director of an orphanage/shelter for children — is authorized to apply for help. Please, read the criteria for inclusion of children into the help program and carefully prepare all necessary documents*. It will further speed up the process of decision making and fundraising for the treatment of your child.

  • a child must be aged up to or including 18 years old.
  • a child must be a national of the Republic of Belarus.

If you want to learn about the health status of the child, for whose surgery/treatment you have transferred a charitable donation, please, call UNIHELP PA on +375 (17) 268-48-04 or +375 (17) 392-31-98 and our employees will answer your questions.

There is a great number of children in our care at the same time. And though all of them need help, not every child can be featured on our website, through which we are raising funds for those children, for whose treatment large amounts of money need to be collected quickly and efficiently. Our website is not the only tool we use for collecting donations. Thus, our benefactors readily make charitable calls on 8-902-101-3333, doing so they donate 3 BYN with every call.

Upon receipt of an invoice from a foreign clinic, UNIHELP concludes a contract for help with child’s parents and transfers the required amount to the charitable account in the child’s name when the fundraising campaign is finished.

If the money that the clinic received was not spent in full, the remaining amount comes to the banking account or directly to the child’s parents. Upon submitting to UNIHELP PA a report with supporting payment documents in attachment, parents are obliged to return the leftover to our account.

Our sincere desire is to help as many kids in need of help as we can. But, unfortunately, we are unable to help everyone who makes a request to UNIHELP. Thus we are often forced to refuse children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Just because there are too many requests.

We accept requests from doctors, patients, their parents or guardians. The indispensability of treatment must be proved with official medical documents. UNIHELP doesn’t cover treatment with methods of nonconventional medicine. We can’t reimburse treatment of foreign citizens either.

Volunteers are those people, who on a voluntary basis and free of charge help people in need and devote their time to solving social problems. They are not paid for their work either salaries or bonuses. But understanding that you have made something real, practical and specific for an ill child or a kid from some orphanage or children’s shelter is the best reward.

Volunteers attend hospitals to draw with children, to arrange performances and birthday parties, to sing songs and to make animated cartoons together with them. They devise and implement numerous interesting and entertaining things to cheer up ill children. Volunteers do something useful: they buy household supplies, collect clothes and books, or transport children in their cars. All volunteers are helpful, all volunteers are important.