Violetta Andreeva

12.09.2013, Vitebsk
виолетта андреева окон
All collected money
25 410 USD
Total collected
25 410 BYN

Diagnosis of the child

local gigantism (1-2 fingers)

Local gigantism or localised gigantism is a condition in which a certain part of the body acquires larger than normal size due to excessive growth of the anatomical structures or abnormal accumulation of substances. It is more common in fingers and toes, where it is termed macrodactyly.

The purpose of the collection

operations in the TURNER SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR CHILDREN’S ORTHOPEDICS under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

History of the child

Violetta Andreeva, a girl, whose hand we try to save – lives in Vitebsk. Her mother and her sister Valeria live with her side by side. It’s just an ordinary family with ordinary needs and requests: “Violetta needs a healthy hand. To be like everyone else”.

The diagnosis – local gigantism – the hand is becoming bigger than the left one. Violetta’s mother couldn’t accept such a scenario.

Violetta is broad-minded, curious, good-natured, optimistic  and friendly girl. It seems the girl succeeds at everything she does – playing, painting, walking. Except for one thing – struggling with gigantism .

«Now Violetta needs some operations, the cost is € 25,410. We don’t have such money, also we have no possibilities to collect it by ourselves. But we believe that there are still some good people in this world and by join hands we are able to give to our girl a happy childhood and happy life», —Olga, Violetta’s mother shares.

And the sooner all operations are initiated, the better! It’s best to talk about this up front!

Let’s help to put into practice the girl’s dream!