Pavel Belik

20.04.2002 Minsk
белик шоп 1
All collected money
12 822 USD
Necessary to collect
12 201 USD

Diagnosis of the child

chronic bilateral sensorineural hearing loss

In the past, sensorineural hearing loss was referred to as “nerve deafness”. We now know that in most cases the problem stems from the inner ear rather than from the hearing nerve. However, we continue to group the two problems together, because the inner ear and the hearing nerve are connected and need to work together.

It’s another reason why hearing loss should be treated promptly – the ‘downstream’ neural parts of the hearing system need input from the ‘upstream’ sensory parts in order to grow and stay healthy.

The purpose of the collection

audio processor RONDO 2

History of the child

Every day without fully cochlear implantation means first of all the loss of virtually important skills. Without the ability to understand teachers and communicate with children it has become impossible. To grow up normally the girls needs an implantation on the left ear that costs 36 894 USD.

Let’s help girls to hear the world!

I want to help!